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Operational Services - Grounds Maintenance


There is an opportunity, via Community Choices, to enable members of the community to influence the future work of the grounds maintenance service.

The grounds maintenance service for open spaces, parks, sports facilities, cemeteries, roadside verges and country parks includes cyclical activities such as grass cutting, weed spraying, shrub-bed maintenance and hedge cutting.The council introduced new service standards for grounds maintenance on 1 April 2019 and the council has set out its priorities within these services standards. There is an opportunity to engage with stakeholders, to enable members of the community to influence the service. The Community Choices process will follow the following structure:

Now Complete - Stage 1- 7 June 2021 to 4 July 2021 - Survey of Grounds Maintenance Priorities. A high level survey was undertaken on a West Lothian wide basis on the existing grounds maintenance service standards. This is to help to confirm whether the communities of West Lothian feel that the focus and priorities of the existing service standards are appropriate. The survey was available via: Grounds Maintenance Survey (surveyhero.com) Alternative options to take part were publicised at the time to ensure those who don't have access to a digital device could have their voice heard. One such option was via telephone by calling 01506 284580 Monday to Thursday from 1-4pm over the weeks the survey was open as well as face to face support across various locations in West Lothian.

Stage 2- July 2021 to September 2021 - review feedback and idea generation. A working group comprised of internal and external stakeholders will review the results of the survey and look at developing a range of options for local communities can vote, if you have any queries regarding this stage and would like to be involved please email: WestLothianCommunityChoices@westlothian.gov.uk

Stage 3- October 2021 to December 2021 - Voting of revised standards. Local communities will then have the chance to vote on which options work best for their local ward area. The vote will be available via the digital engagement platform CONSUL with alternative options including telephone made available at the time to ensure everyone who wants to take part is able to do so. The results of the vote will then be shared publicly prior to the implementation of any changes. This stage will allow for more detailed conversations to be held with communities to better meet the priorities of each ward and to direct resources to ensure that community needs were being achieved.

Stage 4- April 2022 - Implementation. The options selected by the community will begin to be put into action in the delivery of Grounds Maintenance from April 2022 onwards.

This webpage will be updated as the processes progresses through each stage and will include links to relevant information.

This phase is not open yet