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[Example] Creation of a Community Focal Point at Graham/ Logan Way, Knightsridge

2021-08-03  •  •  Project Suggestions

Issues: The Council aim to deliver strong and inclusive communities.  We want to build communities and services that are well designed and protect the environment for this and future generations.

The importance of attractive communities is to make help make residents in the housing estates feel safe and proud of their Community and assist in their wellbeing and mental health.

Current Arrangements: Ongoing budget reductions have resulted in greater need for Councils adapt and change the way many services are delivered. This has been reflected in the reduced maintenance of planted areas with little or no weeding, no replacement plants, public benches removed as they had become dangerous and not replaced.

Proposal:  Was to create a high-quality focal point where residents can meet and interact in a clean, safe, attractive environment. With this in mind it was agreed that the planted landscaping areas in the vicinity of the local grocery store be enhanced to provide colour all year round, provide decorative railings to protect the planting and allow them to develop and to provide bench seating to allow residents to enjoy their community. The proposals also lead to reduced maintenance going forwards with the introduction of heavy duty weed suppressant membrane and 100mm of bark.  Installation of the fencing also limits the theft and or damage to the plants.